From 1 April 2013 the University of Sheffield is required to automatically enrol eligible staff into a qualifying pension scheme, under law. Those on Grade 1-5, or equivalent will be auto enrolled into the University of Sheffield Pension Scheme.

If you are informed that you are eligible and that you have been automatically enrolled into the Scheme, but decide that you do not wish to participate in membership of the University of Sheffield Pension Scheme, please print out and complete the opt-out form below and return it to the Pensions Office of the University of Sheffield:

Auto Enrolment Opt Out Form

Under the auto enrolment provisions, you have a one month period, known as “the opt out window” to return the form. The window starts from the later of:

  • The date your membership begins (which will usually be the start date of your employment, or,
  • The date at which you are provided with written enrolment information (which is the letter you will have received which confirmed that you were now a member,and which also gave you the link to this web page).
  • Provided you return the form within the one month statutory opt out period, any contributions taken from your salary will be refunded to you in your following months pay and you will not have any membership in the Scheme. Please note that if your request is received within the one month period, but after the University payroll has closed for the month, the contributions will be refunded in the following months pay.

    Please note that any forms signed and dated outside of the opt out window will not be a valid opt out.

    The University of Sheffield are not able to give you a copy of the Opt Out Form for you to complete, as it is not permitted for any employer to encourage an employee to opt out in any way. Buck are the third party administrators for the Scheme. If you are unable to print the form, please email or telephone 0330 123 0619 and ask for the University of Sheffield Pension Scheme administration team.